Potatoes – Useful Properties

For many people one of the main products is the potato, from which you can cook a lot of different delicious dishes, and, as in ordinary days, and to the festive table.

Apart from the fact that this vegetable has a long shelf life, if kept in a cool dark place, the potato has a lot of useful substances.

It can be used in boiled and stewed, as well as most of soup is hard to imagine without potatoes. People who suffer from a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, it is recommended to drink on an empty stomach freshly prepared juice from raw potatoes.

In addition to eating potato also has a number of healing properties that people used for many years when the drugs were not available, such as burns. To do this, rub the potatoes and then put in place a burn, periodically changing the bandage, which will in a short time to get rid of the pain, in addition there will be no trace of burns.

People suffering from joint pain, can also use the potato cakes, applying to the sore spot, the only thing that should be remembered that this procedure does not cure the disease, but only eases the pain.

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