Posts in Social Networks Diagnosed

2910168When people experience psychological problems, they either do not pay attention to them or trying to cope with the mental discomfort, each in its own way.

Someone asks for help from a professional psychologist, helping each other with alcohol, and someone easier to switch to a different type of activity: to go to work, do extreme sports. The options are many, the question is only in fantasy.

But this is all conscious ways of solving problems. How to cope with emotions subconscious? It turns out that people unconsciously psychological state is reflected in the social networks. US researchers found that social networking users with the same state of mind is placed similar in style recording. So, the user tells more about their achievements, the more insisted on her priority, the higher the degree of their love for themselves. On the other hand, the lower the self-esteem, the more time and attention paid to photo processing, before its publication. And the posts of users do not contain much information about themselves and their partners and friends. Thus, the profile on a social network can be easy to determine a person’s temperament, he is an introvert, or, conversely, an extrovert.

In addition to the psychological characteristics, positions can talk about serious mental disorders. For example, if a person is not actively interested in Self, this is a serious warning bell, indicative of mental illness. Moreover, a study in the Australian Black Dog Institute found that the records of users on Twitter, you can easily calculate whether the user is in a depression, and even suicidal.

So, in this age of high technology does not necessarily have to be the hero who climbs onto the roof of the house to save standing there a man from committing suicide. Just be careful, and noticing that the other tape or just a friend of the network there are many records depressed, do not remain indifferent, and try to gently help the person find a new meaning in life.

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