Possible Causes of Heartburn

2809201613Recently, many people are increasingly began to emerge such unpleasant feeling as heartburn, the causes of which can be varied. Basically, this is due to an unhealthy diet, as on our tables began to appear less and less natural food production. Many food manufacturers use a variety of additives which impart taste and color products, with a negative impact on our health.

In addition to power, there are several factors which result in heartburn. For example, a belt that is too tight grip on your waist, puts pressure on the stomach, thereby worsens the food processing process and provokes heartburn.

Persons suffering from obesity, these symptoms are more likely to feel, therefore, need to watch your weight.

Especially those who love coffee, doctors are advised not to get involved in this drink because it causes heartburn, so a day is recommended to drink no more than 3 cups.

If long these unpleasant sensations you do not leave the period of time, be sure to consult a doctor.

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