Porridge – the best Breakfast

150920162Many people who want to reduce their weight, give up the use of cereals, because they believe that they contain a large amount of calories. But all these assumptions arise from the fact that some do not properly prepare dishes from cereals, which contain many substances that are useful for our body.

During breakfast, the best dish can be freshly prepared porridge of oatmeal or buckwheat, although cereals from other cereals, and no less than helpful. But do not porridge include in your diet during dinner. After breakfast cereal, for a long time I felt a sense of satiety, so no need for snacking before lunch. Each cereal has its useful properties, and not to be mistaken in her choice, you must listen to your body and eat more of those cereals that you want.

Do not get carried away during breakfast fried and smoked foods, as they can irritate the stomach lining, and give preference to porridges, because they contribute to the removal of inflammatory processes.

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