Porridge is Very Useful for Breakfast

From what foods we eat for breakfast, which is not recommended to give, it depends not only on how we will feel throughout the working day, which is important in our time, but also health.

Scientists have proved that the people of those countries that during breakfast cereal consumed, giving preference rice, oatmeal and buckwheat, are notable for their longevity.

In addition to cereals, there are a number of foods that are recommended to eat in the morning, and those are the eggs. As you know, they contain anything that can provide vital functions of the body, including calcium. Moreover, this product helps to normalize blood cholesterol levels, thereby improving the functioning of the heart.

Nutritionists advise to eat daily one egg, which, incidentally, helps fight obesity. As for the fruits, during the morning meal with one of the most useful is the avocado, which contains protein and saturated acids that give us energy, so necessary during the working day. It’s enough to eat half an avocado every day.

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