Pets Help to Avoid Loneliness

On the life expectancy of people playing a lot of different factors, one of which is encouraging.

This became known after the journalists interviewed the residents of Spain, who have reached more than a hundred years.

They were all cheerful people with a sense of humor, which helped them to live up to such an advanced age.

Therefore, try as little as possible and get nervous often communicate with friends. Especially hard it is to the people who were left alone and sometimes come those moments when you do not even want to cook their own meals. In such cases, the person has the apathy, which adversely affects the entire body, especially the nervous system.

To avoid this, scientists recommend to have a pet that is soon to be best friend and family member. For single people will approach a dog, because, vygulivaya it, you are constantly moving and frequently visit the open air. In addition, during the walk you will easily find a social circle. It should be borne in mind that choosing a dog should be preferred in this species, which are friendly.

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