Permanent Noise Harms Health

In our time, more than 20% of the population suffer from exposure to increased noise, most of whom, having become accustomed to it, do not notice.

However, excessive noise, which constantly lasts for a long time, provokes the emergence of various diseases associated with the disruption of the nervous system, irregular heart activity, and also can cause a stroke.

This conclusion was made by American scientists after the research. This is especially true of people living in the airport area, because the flying and landing aircraft constantly make a noise, which locals get used to. The same applies to residents of central city streets, where traffic, especially trams, also exceeds permissible standards.

In addition, it was possible to prove that even household appliances, for example, a working washing machine, also adversely affect the psychological state. Therefore, in such cases it is recommended to use noise protection, for example, headphones. It is noted that children growing up in such conditions are considerably behind in their studies from their peers.

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