Patients Teeth Contribute to the Emergence Pneumonia

From childhood we are taught to keep track of your teeth, encouraging them to brush at least twice a day and rinse after each meal.

Follow these rules is necessary in order to keep your mouth healthy. It should be remembered that the toothbrush, individual thing, which must be replaced periodically.

From good dental health is not only a beautiful smile, which is not unimportant factor that gives the person a sense of self-confidence, but also plays an important role for our health.

Several years ago, scientists have argued that bad teeth can adversely affect the operation of the heart and vascular system.

However, as a result of recent studies have failed to prove that they also provoke pneumonia.

Therefore, constantly pay attention to their teeth and the appearance of the slightest suspicion of caries should visit the dentist, because, the sooner treatment begins, the better chance to save the tooth. In addition, try not to eat foods that destroy tooth enamel, which can be safely attributed sodas.

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