Parents are not recommended to download the child too much

Today, parents have great opportunities to give the child the necessary education, as well as to develop his abilities in the field of sports, music and other kinds.

In any locality, especially for large cities, there is a large selection of sections and circles, so many parents face a choice of where to identify their child and, as often happens, simultaneously write down in several sections.

However, doctors warn that doing this is not recommended. The fact is that at the present time there is a very intensive program in schools, because of which there is a heavy load on children, and if you visit a few more sections, then there is almost no free time for rest and games that are so necessary at this age .

Therefore, the best option will be if you work with the child to determine the specific direction that, in the first place, should be interested in it. Never get a good musician if a child does not want to go to music school since childhood.

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