Painful Feelings That Require Special Attention

If some painful sensations occur, naturally people do not immediately seek medical help in the hope that they will quickly disappear.

However, there are some painful symptoms indicating that ignoring their appearance is not recommended, but rather take them with full responsibility.

The first place can be pain in the chest area, because this is a sign that the work of the heart is broken and an attack is possible. At such times, you need to seek help as soon as possible. However, the pain in the heart can also be indicated by pain in different parts of the body, be it hands or feet, but most often the pain occurs in the jaw region.

On pain in the lower back, some people, more often the elderly, do not react much, considering this a manifestation of radiculitis, not even suspecting that such pains may indicate the formation of kidney stones. As for abdominal pain, they can not be ignored in any case, because, it can be a stomach ulcer or intestines, appendicitis, as well as problems with the kidneys and lungs.

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