“Owls” Differ by Quality of Health from “Larks”

Each person tries to stick to his daily routine, depending on the type of activity that he is engaged in.

Scientists from Finland conducted a number of studies, in which they agreed to help 2,000 volunteers.

The main question that needed to be identified is how the sleep time affects human health, not the duration of it, but the time of falling asleep and waking up.

As you know, people are divided into two categories, if some are so-called “larks” because they go to bed no later than 22.00 hours and wake up before six in the morning, other people prefer to go to bed well after midnight, as a result of which they raise in the morning around 10 Hours.

Such persons are usually called “owls”. It has been scientifically proven that people suffer from various diseases, including obesity and diabetes, people of the first category. The reason is that in most cases they eat less before going to sleep, whereas “owls” like to eat different sweets in the first half of the night, as a result of which extra pounds appear.

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