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2309201614One of the important factors of the human condition is a healthy sleep, which should last at least 6 hours. If a person is chronically enough sleep, then it decreases the activity and performance, because he feels tired and not well rested. To normalize the sleep necessary to observe some rules.

One of them is that you need to eat food, not later than two hours before bedtime. The composition of the evening menu also plays a role in the normalization of sleep, because some foods help fight insomnia.

For example, these include nuts, kernels to eat enough in quantity 2-3 pieces. Drunk a glass of warm milk also has a positive effect on deep sleep, but scientists say has any milk products such as properties. For dinner you can cook fish species such as tuna or salmon, which contain vitamin B6, only the condition at the time of preparation, eliminate hot. Honey has a calming properties, therefore, one teaspoon of honey with a glass of green tea, drunk at dinner, enough to overcome insomnia.

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