Optimists Live Longer Than Pessimists

On human longevity is influenced by many factors, among which is noted not only the power and maintaining an active lifestyle, but also the mood, with which a person wakes up and is available during the day.

For example, residents of Spain are characterized by high life expectancy and, now, in this country live more than 100 thousand people, whose age exceeds 100 years.

After some investigation, scientists have found that almost all of them are optimists, as set themselves tasks and perform them, regardless of age. For example, if one Spaniard made his first parachute jump at age 62, the second received a diploma of higher education in 94 years.

This suggests that the elixir of joy to be present all the time, even in difficult times should not give up and become discouraged, and always strive for the goal. The same opinion and scientists came from America after a series of experiments conducted among more than 1,500 elderly people who 90letnem age do not consider themselves old.

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