Optimism Prolongs Life

Scientists from Japan conducted a series of studies to determine what key factors affect the duration of human life, and, as you know, the people of this country are different their longevity.

Of course, from food and on what lifestyle a person leads depends on many things, but most importantly, what mood he spends every day.

In short we can say that people who are optimists and are always in a good mood, live much longer than those who are nervous for no reason. In order to constantly be in an optimistic form, waking up in the morning, you should set yourself any purpose and, no matter how complex it is necessary to achieve it.

In this age does not matter, because as you can in 80 years to finish university, or 60 to make the first parachute jump, as did two Spanish citizen. Try to watch less TV, and to be outdoors more in the company of friends, and allocate time to practice what he likes.

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