Open Unintended Effects of Alcohol

19111610Loyola University Laboratory experiments were conducted. The mice were given alcohol a few days on the “characteristic graph of drunkenness.”

Analysts three days without interruption gave them alcohol, and four days of rest and then do three days of drinking. In between, the number of alcohol when drinking alcohol, even exceeded twice the allowed features for extreme driving.

Scientists have found that alcohol brings a significant reduction in the number of macrophages. And these immune cells that carry the main aid in the healing of wounds. They destroy pathogenic viruses, bacteria. Thereby expedites action to tighten the damaged areas.

That is why, very slowly rumen injured. Even under the influence of these infections may occur in purulent inflammation.

In previous experiments conducted in the United States, presented a personal performance. 20 – 40 percent of patients plagued by alcoholism  located in the departments of surgery, more prone to, infection in hospital infections.

And the truth comes to the surface, that alcohol causes no small damage to the body.

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