One of the Causes of Early Wrinkles

Ten years ago, one university staff conducted a study, as a result of which it was proved that light plays an important role in the appearance of early wrinkles.

It does not mean natural light, but artificial lighting at night.

The fact is that an insufficient amount in the body of melatonin adversely affects the overall health and provokes premature aging of the cells.

This hormone is produced exclusively in total darkness, which we constantly lack. Especially it concerns large cities, because in our days all the streets are illuminated, most buildings are equipped with various kinds of lighting, as a result of which it is light at night.

Maybe that’s why urban residents have wrinkles earlier than those people who live in rural areas, where, as a rule, there is a lot of artificial lighting. In addition to the fact that you can admire the starry sky in the village, air is also cleaner here, therefore, most wealthy people prefer not to live in the central part of the city, but on the outskirts or outside the city.

To ensure that at night, your apartment does not receive much light, you need to close the windows with curtains of dense material. Stay indoors, in the evening try to use point lighting, meaning a night lamp or a table lamp.

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