One Day a Week Should be Unloading

Due to the fact that in recent years among Americans increasingly found overweight people, and not only adults but also children, the researchers conducted a series of experiments to find out how to eat better.

Refusing food intake and stick to a strict diet can not everyone, because you need to have willpower.

In addition, such prolonged food restriction, negatively affects the immune system, especially in winter time when the body and so is not sufficient vitamins. According to new research, it became known that the best option is a monthly follow a strict diet for five days, at the same time they should alternate with the usual food.

At the end of the study, which lasted for 30 days, showed the following results for each of the participants managed to lose up to 3 kilos. In addition to normal blood pressure, and blood tests improved. Most interesting is that this method of power very much, and many began to stick after the project.

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