On What Should be Avoided Immediately After a Meal

For many people, there are some habits after ingestion, from which the refuse is recommended.

One of them is a dream, because the stomach for processing food takes time, and if you just go to sleep, you may experience discomfort such as heartburn, bloating, in addition, there is a probability of occurrence of extra kilos.

So dinner should be a few hours before bedtime, and the menu should consist of easily digestible food, for which it is best suited boiled fish or milk products. One of the most harmful habits in people is smoking, which provokes a number of diseases, including cancer.

The greatest harm it brings immediately after eating, because it increases the likelihood of bowel cancer many times. Eat fruit for dessert is also not recommended, because, as will be the fermentation process, it is better to eat them an hour after lunch. The same applies to the use of drinks, because once drunk tea or coffee impairs iron absorption.

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