On What Should be Avoided After a Meal

In order to always feel healthy and vigorous, it is necessary to listen to the advice given by well-known experts in the field of medicine, and one of them is a proper diet.

Immediately it should be noted that to give up breakfast is very bad, so, despite the fact that you constantly do not have the time, get a half hour to eat a full breakfast.

Throughout the day, it is recommended to eat at least five times, I mean, of course, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as light snacks, arranged in between. However, after a hearty dinner, do not just drink, and any drink, but better to do it in half an hour.

Some people prefer to lie down after a meal break, but this can not be done, because it slows down the digestive process. Watching movies, where trapeznichayut royal person, you can see how after a meal they bring a dessert consisting of fruit, however, nutritionists do not recommend, because in the stomach there is a process of fermentation, resulting in bloating and such unpleasant sensations, like burping and heartburn .

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