On Wednesday, We Look Like the Worst

Do you think that the hardest day – it’s Monday?

It turns out that the worst thing a woman looks on Wednesday.

Quite interesting and unusual experiment recently employees Research Institute in the UK was carried out. As part of this study examines the state looks at women on different days of the week. It turned out that the best girls look on Friday and Saturday.

As for the most difficult days, it was Wednesday. As scientists say, it is in the environment, most women have a bad mood, look tired and exhausted. Experts attribute this to a particular way of life.

The fact is that most of us spend a very active holiday, and then abruptly switched to work on Monday. Around the medium level of accumulated fatigue and a large number of cases on the mentally and physically exhaust our body. That is why, if you want to ask a girl on a first date, it is best not to choose Wednesday.

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