Observe the Daily Routine

In order to maintain your health and constantly keep yourself in good physical shape, you must observe the regime of the day.

Those who adhere to this rule, distinguished by a high activity, capacity for work, confidence in the future, and most importantly, less exposed to diseases, including colds.

At first, observe the regime of the day it will be difficult, especially for those people who constantly violate sleep, food intake, but, just a month you will feel lightness in the body. It should be taken as a rule, do not wake up in the morning to jump sharply from the bed, and soak up a little better, reaching several times.

Then drink a glass of water with lemon juice, and do physical exercise. When finished water treatments, do not give up a hearty breakfast, because it provides the body with energy throughout the day.

Lunch, dinner and extra meals should be every day at the same time. This also applies to sleep, and to initially keep to the schedule, it is recommended to have a notebook in which to schedule the day.

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