Objects of Daily Life, Harmful to Health

The quality of human health is affected by many factors, including proper nutrition, exercise and others. However, there are such everyday items that cause significant harm, which many people do not even guess.

Take, for example, the spirits that are used almost every day by men and women. Naturally, such perfumes are necessary, but if you get it on your skin you can get not only a pleasant fragrant smell, but also cancer.

According to scientists, this is due to the presence of a large number of carcinogens in this product.

No less harm is done by ready-made meat products, the shelf life of which sometimes causes surprise, because it is well known that only in frozen form meat can survive for so long.

The fact is that in sausages, ham and other products sodium nitrate is added, which causes great harm. In this list, you can also make mobile phones, game consoles, with prolonged use of which people have decreased intelligence and attention.

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