Nuts Should Always be Present in the Diet

There are some foods that most nutritionists recommend eating a daily basis, and so are nuts, and, of any kind.

These gifts of nature are not only a source of vitamins, but also have a number of medicinal properties.

Scientists, as a result of a series of experiments, found the fact that people who daily consume three walnuts, much less exposed to diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes mellitus.

This occurs due to the fact that the product consists of fibers and polyunsaturated fats. These substances help to reduce bad cholesterol and prevents blood clots.

Nuts can be used both in independent form, and added during the preparation of various dishes. Putting a child to school, do not forget to put it in a backpack two apples and a handful of peeled nuts, so you will protect his body from various diseases, including respiratory. Despite the high calorie, eating nuts can be whole, even diabetics, but in small quantities.

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