Nutritionists Recommend not to Abandon Breakfast and Dinner

In his younger years, few people think about nutrition.

This is especially true of students living in dormitories, as cooking time is usually not enough and, in the best case, they cost a cup of tea and a sandwich.

Naturally this food to anything good will not, because in a few years may experience problems with not only the work of the stomach, but also receive a number of other diseases.

Almost all nutritionists have expressed a common opinion that any person needs a full breakfast, which, ideally, should consist of cereals rich in carbohydrates, which is better suited oats and buckwheat. The best option if, for a day of food intake will be at least six times, preferably at the same time that the body used to this schedule.

Go to bed, refusing to dinner, it would not be quite right, but the gorge just before going to bed is not desirable, however, not later than two hours, it is best to eat vegetables, or cottage cheese with fruit and yogurt.

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