Nutritionists Recommend Daily to Eat 3 Eggs

Just a few years ago, nutritionists advised to limit consumption of eggs because it was thought that their yolks contain high amounts of cholesterol.

This was especially true of people older than 40 years, which was recommended to eat no more than two eggs a week.

In our time, the ratio of scientists to this type of product has changed dramatically and is now considered the norm for an adult three eggs a day. The fact that in addition to calcium and other vitamins and minerals, eggs rich in choline, which is constantly in the body lacks, namely, it helps the brain.

In addition, the egg has everything necessary for human life. In Spain, a woman, who turned 112 years old, told reporters that almost throughout her life, she ate every day for 4 eggs, and she believes that this product gave her strength and helped to avoid various diseases.

In addition, eggs are dietary products that can help you avoid obesity, but it is worth remembering that it is better to buy from private farmers who use natural poultry feed.

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