Not to Abandon the Lunch Break

29111627In order to live with dignity and receive money, we have a lot of time at work.

Naturally, during the break, not everyone can come home for lunch, so we have to use the services of the dining room or cafe, located near the plant.

Recently seen such a tendency that many office workers trying to show off their hard work, refuse to dinner, preferring to drink coffee with a sandwich on the job. It absolutely can not do, because, in addition to diseases of the stomach and weight loss to no good these snacks do not lead, in fact, they reduce the efficiency of the afternoon.

Lunch, which should last at least one hour should be used for its intended purpose, in this case, is to choose the dishes you want, because it tells you the body.

The only condition, portions should be large, not to gain extra weight.

To wash down the food better than plain water without gas, and not sweet drinks and packaged juices, because in addition to the harm they do not bring.

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