Not Included in the Diet Child Semis

These days, along with useful products, which must be obtained for an energy boost, there are harmful, from which it is desirable to give up.

This is especially true of children who are engaged in various sports. Naturally, their food must be complete, because they spend a large amount of calories doing exercise.

So nutritionists recommend children to enter into the diet as much as possible cereals, preferably cooked whole grains, and also eat fish and other marine products. To the body of the child enough polyunsaturated fats, must be administered as often as possible in its diet nuts, wherein all varieties, as well as seeds, avocado, dark chocolate and honey. As for oil, it is best to use olive oil.

But of all the semi-finished products, it is necessary to refuse completely, especially sausages, and, as a penny, and cooked, because due to the addition of these various components affecting the palatability of such foods are dangerous to health and provoke cancer diseases.

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