Not Everyone Useful Tangerines

With the approach of Christmas and New Year holidays, the majority of parents, in addition to gifts, buy a large amount of sweets and fruits.

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are good for health, but it is worth to remember that along with the useful qualities, there are some limitations in their use.

Today we want to talk about tangerines, because many of their children are very fond of sour-sweet taste. As with all citrus fruit, it has a variety of vitamins, including C, which is necessary especially in the cold season. However, it is worth remembering that in some children, this fruit allergy, therefore, start typing in the child’s diet, one clove a day, and if you can increase the rate does not appear rash.

People who have seen problems with the work of the stomach due to hyperacidity, the best of the mandarins refuse, can otherwise provoke the appearance of heartburn or regurgitation. Remember one rule that after harvesting, mandarins treated with a special solution, so its crust is not recommended for use in food.

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