Not All Foods Are Good, as it Seems at First Glance

22111617Nowadays, shops offer a wide range of different products that have an attractive appearance.

However, given that some of them, which we believe should benefit, in fact, may be harmful.

It is understood that the development of modern technology, many growers of livestock, poultry and even fish, various additives used for their growth. Therefore, a delicious-looking piece of meat can contain supplements that are used for fattening.

Everyone knows about the benefits of red fish, because it contains a lot of nutrients, positively affecting the brain, heart and other organs. But this is only one fish that lives in the wild, not in special cages fish farms.

For example, a typical daily salmon must swim more than 15 kilometers, so it has a dense meat and fish grown with little or no movement, inferior in quality, since its meat is more loose and greasy. Furthermore, in order to avoid disease, it is fed to various medicines, including antibiotics, which are harmful.

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