Negative Information is a Negative Impact on the Psychological State

In human life expectancy greater role played by his psychological state.

It was possible to find out the factor that the people who every day several times browsing the news more often exposed to the appearance of this disease as a post-traumatic syndrome.

Nowadays, in order to raise its rating, the correspondents of TV channels, try to provide as much as possible breaking news, including a large number of criminal and tragic events.

Some people are very impressionable, and reviewing such information, they have a long time it remains in the memory, and with time, constantly updated, this negativity accumulates that, ultimately, can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Therefore, when you watch TV, choose more entertainment and comedy shows, because laughter prolongs life. And it would be better if you will spend more time walking in nature, or doing things you love, from which you get the moral satisfaction and uplifting mood.

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