Named the Major Mistakes in the First Days Flu

0311165Every mother, seeing her child from a runny nose and cough, first measures the temperature, and if it exceeds the mark of 37 degrees, giving medication to reduce it.

However, this is not recommended, because the high temperature of the body is the result of the body’s fight against viruses and bacteria.

In such cases, the best effect will the different decoctions of medicinal herbs and berries, such as lime, rose, cranberry, which can be eaten with honey, because they contain large amounts of vitamin C, it should be remembered that the drink should be warm.

If it was not possible to get a positive result with the help of folk remedies, and the temperature rose to 38.5, you need to shoot down it with medication, but do not use aspirin because it adversely affects the lining of the stomach and can cause bleeding.

Moreover, during a cold Aspirin is not recommended for not only children, but also adults, especially on an empty stomach.

If this condition is observed within 3 days, to avoid complications, it is necessary to ask for help of a doctor, who will examine your child.

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