Myths of Modern Dentistry

12101625Quite often, any sphere of medical activity is in society a number of common stereotypes, most of which have nothing to do with reality.

For example, today there are many myths associated with dentistry. The most common – treat teeth hurt. Modern methods of dental treatment equipment, together with the high-quality anesthesia make the procedure virtually painless.

Also, do not believe if you are told that you need to go to the dentist only when there pain or discomfort. In order to keep your teeth healthy, you need to visit the dentist about 1 every 6 months. In this case, he can quickly identify the problem and solve it.

Another myth associated with baby teeth. Some parents believe that to treat baby teeth do not need to, since they still fall out. But this is the wrong position, because even in childhood visit to the dentist should be a mandatory procedure.

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