Music Has a Positive Effect on the Heart

Scientists from Norway conducted a study, the participants of which were 90 people with heart disease.

They were divided into three groups of thirty people, and, after a medical examination, for each of them received special sessions, which lasted for three weeks.

The first group was engaged in daily moderate exercise, while the second group were offered the same class, but with music. As for the third group, they only listened to music.

After 21 days, the repeated investigation, it was found that the best result was recorded in the second group, so we can safely say that music plays a positive role in the cardiac system.

The most best effect is obtained by listening to music, especially classical, which are not accompanied by the words, because the meaning of the text can sometimes be reminded of unpleasant moments in the life of man. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to once again enjoy listening to music, especially because it is useful.

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