Most Experts Recommend Change Pillow

American scientists recommend to change the pillow every two years.

The reason for this is that during this period of time they accumulate a large amount of harmful substances, including start up clothesline tick.

All this has a negative effect on human health, particularly affected the respiratory system, as it may be allergies, sometimes turning into asthma.

The studies were able to prove that if the cushions serve you much longer, then there may be frequent headaches, the cause of which people can not identify, as well as sleep disturbance occurs. Of course not everyone will change the bedding through this period, but to get rid of the pests, which sometimes are present, they must be periodically washed.

In addition, as far as possible as often as possible expose them to direct sunlight or freezing out, because at these temperatures there is a natural disinfection. Try to monitor the humidity in the bedroom, so as not to dampen the laundry.

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