More Laugh, It will Extend Your Life

Scientists were able to prove that the usual laughter is directly related to the duration of our lives.

If, during the day, you laugh at least half an hour, then there is a general improvement in well-being, in human normal blood pressure, no sleep problems, that the end result is reflected in life expectancy.

Recently, however, most people laugh less frequently than once grandparents and it is not surprising, because with the advent of the mass media, journalists of different channels in the struggle to improve the ranking, try in their reports to report all incidents, such as, murder, attacks, robberies, which adversely affects the mental state of people who laugh, unfortunately, there are very rare.

Therefore, try not to start your day with watching the news, but better turn the cheerful music, or humorous concert, listening to that, you not only recharge your energy for the whole day, but posposobstvuete its longevity.

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