Mold In House is Hazardous to Health

From that, the room in which we spend more time depends on our state of health.

British scientists have found out that in those houses or apartments, where the walls are amazed mildew, people are much more likely to suffer from various diseases. The most common of these are respiratory tract lesion, resulting in asthma may or pneumonia.

Nowadays there are a number of drugs with which can be removed from the mold.

However, one of the problems can be something that can hide under wallpaper, behind baseboards or in other places where it is very difficult to detect.

There are cases, when to get rid of such bacteria can not, basically it occurs when the house was built in the place where there is high humidity. So, deciding to buy a place to live, try to carefully examine all the walls and, in the case of mold detection, better give up the purchase, even if you are offered a discount, because the permanent residence in a building life-threatening.

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