Mineral water exists 3 types

03101614Everyone has long known that it is necessary to drink mineral water to replenish your body with a variety of minerals, which is usually not enough.

During exercise, or visiting a sauna, a human heavy sweating occurs, whereby, out of the body of elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and others.

However, choosing a mineral water for human consumption, it is necessary to consider that this water there are three types. Table water contains a small amount of minerals, so you can drink it all, without exceptions and limitations, since it contributes to the normal work of the intestine.

Medical-table mineral water contains more elements, so its use should be limited to 400 grams during the day.

With regard to the medicinal water, it can be drunk only after consulting a doctor, because it contains large amounts of minerals that can cause the formation of kidney stones. Typically, the treatment lasts for a certain period, then it is necessary to take a break.

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