Methods of Tempering Children

In order to make the child less sick, many parents try to temper his body from childhood. Of course, this is good, but there are cases when such procedures are carried out from time to time, and in the end they are forgotten.

In order to minimize the incidence of various diseases, the hardening process must be carried out all year round, while observing certain rules.

One of them is “not to harm”, it means to do everything gradually. For example, during bathing every day, lower the water temperature at the end of these procedures, while trying to wipe the body lightly so that it dries out. Going for a walk, choose the right clothes, because often the parents dress the child too warmly, as a result of which he sweats swiftly and can get sick.

If the baby refuses to eat, do not force him to feed, because, after being hungry, he himself will ask you to eat. In case of frequent throat diseases, use the hardening method, giving each day a certain portion of ice cream, starting with one teaspoon.

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