Methods of Relieving Tired Legs

Some people have almost the whole day to spend on your feet, mainly concerns sellers stores, staff in gastronomic establishments and others.

As a result, many individuals over time begin to hurt the feet, it usually happens in the evening before bedtime.

To relieve fatigue and pain, you can do a number of procedures and one of them is the use of a contrast shower for the feet. It should be borne in mind that start to be pouring with warm water and avoid its sharp fluctuations.

To remove the swelling, you can use bath with vinegar or mustard, which in turn improves the circulation of blood. Also, an effective means is to use ice packs, which are placed in a plastic bag pieces of ice, periodically applied to the sore spot.

Shoes play a big role, so try as little as possible shoe shoes or boots with high heels, because of this blood flow is disrupted.

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