Methods of Relieving the Feeling of Anxiety

Some people often experience a sense of anxiety, which can be observed over a long period of time, which negatively affects the nervous system and leads to depression.

To get rid of feelings of anxiety, which sometimes occurs for no apparent reason, there are many medicines, but most of them have side effects and a sense of addiction.

If you take them for a long time, then there will come a time when without their use a person can not even fall asleep, therefore, it will be better to use some conventional means, provided that your disease is in the initial stage. For this purpose, various tinctures prepared with the use of some herbs, such as chamomile, hops, mint, lemon balm and others are suitable.

Green tea also helps, thanks to the fact that it contains L-theanine. Specialists note that those people who prefer green tea suffer much less from high pressure problems, and also they stabilize their heart rate. One of the best ways to relieve stress, improve mood and reduce feelings of anxiety are doing sports.

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