Men Soon Forget Insults Than Women

10111624The relationship between man and woman is often conflicts arise.

In most cases, these conflicts come to an end pretty quickly and the pair comes to reconciliation. However, if a man very quickly forget the offense, the women remember it for a long time.

A similar theory has recently proven experts from the USA, who spent some specialized studies in this format. It turned out that women are genetically more vindictive than men.

This is primarily due to the fact that the female body has a higher level of episodic memory than men. The fact that a woman is much more faster and remember certain events and can reproduce them in fine detail. In this sense, the men behind them, as a man running shared memory, without saving the details.

For this reason, any insult or quarrel, the woman remains in the memory, whereas a man can forget about it after a few days.

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