Men Form a Better Idea of ​​Beauty

060920162Males have a single way of thinking on the general principle and stereotypes of female beauty. As proof of this recently in the United Kingdom we conducted a very interesting experiment. More than 4,000 men and women were of the opposite sex pictures and asked to identify the ones that seemed to them the most beautiful.

Interesting fact – almost all men women chose the same pictures and called them beautiful. They most often slender and seductive girls were depicted. In addition, a large number of men have chosen photo, which confident business woman were represented.

But when this same procedure was asked to do the women, the results were completely different. As it turned out, by external signs women mostly chose the same man – a macho with a beautiful body and a lean physique. But when it came to the overall assessment, the opinion of a female audience here respondents were divided. A certain group of women called the beautiful one male and the other group gave a completely opposite answers. This proves once again just how male and female mentality differ from each other.

How to become beautiful for a man?

Experts say that the list of the main priorities of female beauty, which draw the main attention of men, you can highlight the chest, thighs and face. But most of all men do not like cellulite and excess fat in the female body. That is why, if you want to be more attractive for men’s views, we recommend remembering simple rules – exercise, watch your weight, use the right makeup and smile more often. It’s amazing, but sometimes a sincere smile can give you more chances to win a man’s heart than a flat stomach or athletic buttocks.

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