Memory Problems are a Sign of Fatigue

25101621If you often begin to notice problems with memory, perhaps you just need a good rest.

Previously, it was customary to assume that poor people suffer only memory in old age. However, modern doctors have concluded that these problems began to bother and young people.

First of all it concerns the so-called short-term memory. That is, you may forget to do what you have asked a few minutes ago, or not remember basic information, which is used to perfectly know (such as a birthday close, and so on).

Impaired function of memory may have several causes. First you need to try to eliminate the most simple – fatigue. Due to the high physical and psychological stress, lack of sleep or excessive increased activity of your brain can just overdo it and block certain features. That is why, if you are having memory problems, it is best to immediately solve them, to arrange a little vacation or relaxing weekend.

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