Medics Recommendations When Choosing a Bike

What would not buy toys parents to their children, one of the most desirable is the bike, especially in the spring when the snow melts and warm days are coming.

However, choosing a bike, you must follow some rules that each age has its own type. The first thing you must take into account the fact that the child was comfortable to get his feet to the pedals.

If the baby was not yet two years old, it is best to buy a tricycle with footrest and equipped with a handle, with which parents will be able to hold it while driving. Older children who are 4 years old, you can replace it with an improved, where instead of the stand will be a pedal, thus it is necessary to take into account that they had a light stroke.

The important role played by the saddle, because if it slips, during skating child may fall.

When buying a bike, paying attention to its stability, prefer the models that are made of light material, because every day you have to enter and pass out of the house.

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