Measures of Protection against Mites

In the street, spring, which means that more people go for a walk, because during the winter cold they miss the warm sunshine.

Along the avenues of parks and squares carelessly running around the kids, who are carefully guarded by parents, every now and then, wiping their hands, so that the child does not carry any infection.

However, such sterility is not always useful, because the baby should develop immunity, but what really threatens during such walks is the mites, which already appear after hibernation. Many people believe that these insects live exclusively on trees, but this is an erroneous opinion, as they can often be found on bushes or fallen leaves that were not removed in the fall.

In addition to having a painful sensation after a tick bite, it can cause infectious diseases such as encephalitis or boreilliosis. In order to protect yourself and children from ticks, try to wear light-colored clothes, on which the tick is clearly visible before it absorbed the skin.

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