Many People Continue to Work Although Colds

With the arrival of cold weather, people usually get sick more often, and not only cold, but also infection.

Naturally, in those days, it is best to stay at home, however, our lives are arranged so that one has to learn or work, so you have to constantly be in the team.

Employers tend to have a negative attitude to such employees who are sick, and due to the fact that people are afraid of losing their job, sometimes come to work with high temperatures. According to statistics obtained as a result of a survey of Americans, 80% of people willing to work in spite of illness.

Besides the fact that they put your body of dangerous complications that often arise from the flu, they also infect their colleagues that contributes to the spread of the epidemic. Therefore, in spite of everything, it is necessary to issue a medical certificate, and adhere to bed rest.

So you not only to quickly deal with the disease, but also save the health of their surrounding. In such a period should observe good personal hygiene, wash your hands constantly with soap and water, especially before eating.

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