Many drinking water is harmful to health

0810167While a variety of diseases, especially colds, doctors recommend drinking plenty of fluids.

And indeed, many common medical advice, in which they recommend drinking plenty of pure water. But everything should be in moderation.

Australian scientists have proved that, the use of water in large amounts, could adversely affect human health. Especially from this kidney may be affected, as they have to process a large amount of liquid with which they can not cope, resulting in stones can occur and lead to edema, which is also a negative consequence.

It is therefore necessary during the day, drinking on average, from 2 hdo 3 liters of water, depending on the body weight. It is necessary to give preference to not boiled and raw pure water, which contains all the necessary elements. From sparkling water, especially sweet, you must opt out, as these drinks, causing harm to our health because they contain all kinds of dyes and food additives.

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