Mandarins: Can or Can Not?

Tangerines adore almost everything, from the family of citrus fruits, this fruit is especially popular.

But if he brings value to its admirers? Many nutritionists say that the orange fruit many people have to eat with the utmost caution, to avoid worse their health.

Nutritionists do not recommend this fruit persons suffering from peptic ulcer. These people mandarins strictly contraindicated, since they consist of acids that have a negative effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive organs. Suffice it to even a small piece of tangerines to the disease worsened.

The researchers found that these citrus fruits contribute to the conclusion of kidney stones. It seems to be not bad, however, if the stones are too large, the output of the stones can lead to tragic consequences, so mandarins use in this case is not shown.

Not recommended the fruit and allergies. In a particularly strong tendency to the disease, the reaction can be violent even after piece. Not recommended it and in large quantities for baby food. If we parents have decided to introduce the fruit in a child’s diet, it is accustomed to it gradually. We must start with one slices a day, with special attention to observe the child’s reaction to this product.

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