Man Must Work no More Than 39 Hours Per Week

In order to feel in good shape, in addition to the work must be complete rest, allowing the body to restore not only physical strength, but also to remove tension, which gradually accumulates.

As for the rest, it is better to spend outdoors, going the whole family in a little hiking or fishing.

City residents are given the opportunity to visit the theater, the circus, as well as any cultural event, in order to get positive emotions. Scientists have proved that during the week the average person has to work 39 hours, thus, women are relegated to 34 hours, and as for the men, they can work up to 47 hours.

Of course, you can work more, but at the same time there is fatigue and reduced productivity, resulting in people losing their vigilance, therefore increasing injuries at work. Therefore, at the time of employment, pay attention to the number of hours that your employer offers.

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