Man Can Affect the Life Expectancy

On the duration of human life plays many different factors, one of which is found American scientists, is the composition of the blood, because it determines the work of almost all organs, as well as the ability to deal with the formation of cancer cells.

In addition, of great importance are the food that we daily eaten.

It is noticed that the people in the diet which occupy most of the seafood, herbs, fruits, live much longer. But most importantly, it is the moral condition of the person, on what mood you throughout the day, depends largely on longevity. For example, in Spain, the number of people who have completed more than one hundred years, increased by four times, while they are optimistic in life and never lost a sense of humor.

On the questions of journalists, how they managed to live up to such venerable years and feel quite healthy people, they said, that daily time allocated for their favorite business. Many sleep plays an important role, but it is worth remembering that a lack of sleep and an excess of sleep negatively affects the overall well-being.

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